Back Up Service 2nd To None22/04/2020
"MB scooters, are really good at what they do, nearly every time I order parts there here next day, they are and I know what Mark and the team have put into providing greatly improved, upgraded and high quality parts I can trust and a back up service 2nd to none. Deserved credit. I have purchased one of your 225 rt kits, been accumulating parts over months if not years, waiting for the day when I get time to build my engine, due to our present lockdown I have had time. I'm very impressed with the kit straight out of the box, I have done your 6 petal reed conversion, again parts and quality very good. I've fitted bgm 60/110 full circle crank, fitted the 3mm packer, checked port timings that were I believe spot on for the kit at 128° transfers and 171° exhaust, straight out of the box, just showing me the quality of production tolerances. Other than minor minor dressing of ports which took minutes, I'm impressed. I'm really thankful you are there providing additional parts as I require."
Mark Worsley
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